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Introducing: Soru Fine Collection

We couldn't be happier to present our debut fine jewellery collection for Soru. This is a project that has been close to our hearts for a while, the design process has been a joy and we are delighted with the final result. Inspired by our love of Italy, we have incorporated age old traditional techniques of micromosaic art set with precious gemstones and 18kt gold into our fine jewellery collection. Each piece is a one of a kind, handmade, wearable piece of art.


italian art celestial micro mosaic inspiration   italian celestial art micro mosaic inspiration

italian art micro mosaic

micro mosaic inspiration and Italian art

Art and mosaics of the night skies provided us with inspiration for our collection.

We worked with a small family run workshop in Italy, who have been creating micromosaic for years and passed down the technique from generation to generation. The artisan technique of micromosaic is painstakingly intricate and precise, an art taught by experts that takes years to perfect. The art was used centuries ago, before photography to create miniature portraits of loved ones to wear close to their heart, or an image of a place visited or landscape, to remember travels. Each piece is so intricate that its hard to believe its a mosaic made of hundreds of tiny pieces placed by hand to create a complete image- a piece of artwork. 
We decided on 3 pieces to introduce our collection. They are 3 pendants; Celestial Star, Love Heart and Majolica Tile. Each pieces take around 20-30 days to complete, the process is time consuming and this is evident in the remarkable results. Set in 18kt gold and surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds and sapphires, the mosaics are made using special coloured glass enamel. The glass is cut into thin rods and chipped into tiny pieces called tesserae.


micro mosaic technique, soru jewellery fine micro mosaic   soru jewellery fine jewellery micro mosaic
Thin rods of pastel coloured glass used to make our Love Heart. 


Micro mosaic fine jewellery, Soru fine love heart soru jewellery micro mosaic fine, soru love heart micro mosaic

Working from our sketch of the Love Heart, each pastel line inserted piece by piece with tweezers.


soru jewellery micro mosaic fine jewellery love heart pendant, soru sapphire heart pendant

Love Heart. Inspired but the Sicilian sacred heart with a softer pastel spin. surrounded by Graduated multi coloured sapphires.


soru jewellery micro mosaic fine celestial star, soru star mosaic, soru micro mosaic celestial

Celestial Star. Inspired by historical depictions of astronomy surrounded by diamonds and sapphires, a masterpiece to wear everyday.


soru jewellery micro mosaic fine majolica tile, micro mosaic majolica tile, soru mosaic pendant

Majolica Tile. The collection wouldn't be complete without a bit of majolica! inspired by the vibrancy of Sicily and its traditional pottery.


Tiny masterpieces to pass from generation to generation. The true beauty and skill behind these little pieces of art will allow you to treasure them forever.

soru fine jewellery micro mosaic collection in silk and velvet presentation box

Each piece comes in a silk and velvet tasseled presentation box

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We know this is something very different than our current collections and would love to hear what you have to say! Please leave your comments below




I purchased the heart pendant for Christmas. It is truly spectacular and I know it will be a firm favourite of my pieces for years to come. The colours and craftsmanship are incredible and the presentation box is gorgeous. An expensive piece but I adore it.

Mona (IG:Feituer)

I think they are fabulous, beautiful, wonderful, I really love jewellery with art and tradition in its vain, the colour is so gorgeous, I would love to have them all in my collection one day. Probably will take some time given the price tag hehe …

Diana Milone

Hi there,

Compliments on the craftsmanship with the fine collection. Regarding the star, will there be anywhere to view these in person?

Also will you offer payments options/instalments such as Klarna as the price point is obviously very different to your usual collection?

Thank you and merry Christmas!

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