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Looking Back At 2019

When the end of a year comes around (in this instance the end of a decade!) I love looking back and reflecting over how the business has evolved, what we have learnt along the way, our achievements and our struggles.
When your in the thick of it as a small business you don’t often have time to stop and really appreciate how the business has changed. 
2019 has been an exciting but challenging year for Soru. We took on a new member of staff and grew our team to 5! We relocated (only downstairs) to a bigger office and we turned 6 years old. 

soru jewellery offices in Solihull

Our new office... interiors not finished but getting there! (Child at work as it was the school holidays).

We had such great success with the second instalment of our collaboration with The Fashion Bug Blog as well as hosting our first ever event to celebrate this launch (we usually shy away from events so this was a big deal for us!). 

soru jewellery collaboration with The Fashion Bug Blog

With Laura from The Fashion Bug Blog

Fenwick shot us as part of their individual style campaign - again something we would have usually shied away from - we were honoured to be included and I’m so glad we didn’t shy away as iv learnt this year it really is good to push yourself out of your comfort zone now and then, we were so proud of ourselves after. 

soru jewellery Fenwick individual style campaign

As part of Fenwick's individual style campaign

Over the course of 2019 we saw some amazing ladies wear Soru; Rosie Huntley Whiteley (who's style we always swoon over) wore the Mondello earrings, along with all the cool instagram girls such as Diipa Khosla, Valentina Ferragni, Vogue Williams and Negin Mirsalehi all choosing the pearl Mondello earrings. Which each time causes a stir around the office! We also saw the likes of Tess Daly, Millie Mackintosh and Donna Air to name a few sporting Soru as well as all of the amazing pictures our customers share with us using #SoruJewellery we love seeing how each and every one of you style your Soru.

Soru Jewellery Celebrity style, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, millie mackintosh, vogue williams, Donna Air all in pearl earrings from Soru Jewellery

A few of our favourite sightings of Soru in 2019

We launched exclusive designs into Fenwick and Harrods as well as launching 2 new collections we are very proud of, including designs that are very personal to us. 

soru jewellery treasures coin collection necklaces

Treasures coin collection necklaces 

Finally (right at the end of the year!) we introduced our Fine Jewellery collection, something we had been working on for so long and we were just so, so pleased that other people loved the designs too (it’s always scary when you’ve worked on something for so long you panic no one else will actually like it!). 

soru jewellery fine jewellery micro mosaic collection

Fine Jewellery launch 

As well as these highs we saw a lot of lows in our personal lives; working trips had to be cancelled and we fell behind with our collections. Through these incredibly difficult times we saw just how great our team is and the people that we work with. We couldn’t have carried on without them.

Without Soru we would not have had the flexibility to spend the time we needed away from work to be with our families or have the distraction we so desperately needed at times. Im so grateful for this business we started 6 years ago as a small 'let's take a chance at something we love' adventure. It's a reminder to follow your dreams and I hope an example to our children to do the same.

Working with my sister we go through it together; the highs, the lows, the fear and the excitement. Having a business is all of these, having a team you can trust in has been the best part of 2019. 

We have big plans for 2020! More collaborations, new products and a very exciting (if we pull it off) travel trip, now we have faced our fear we may even hold another event.... we hope you’ll come along on the next part of our journey with us!
Wishing you all a wonderful new year and new decade ahead.

Please feel free to leave us any comments on what you would like to see Soru doing in the new year, we love reading each and every one of them or contact us though our customer service team at

Cesca & Mari Xx 

 soru jewellery looking forward to the new year ahead

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An amazing year ladies … super proud to call you my friends and watch everything you Acheive. Roll on another amazingly successful year🙌🏻
Ps can’t wait for more shoots together… I loved last years x

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