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We Are 5 Years Old!

Its not often we take the time to look back at our journey. Being so busy you sometimes forget how far you have come. It's been an inspiring, surprising and sometimes difficult road to build our business, but worth every second. 

We launched Soru in 2013 with a tiny amount of money to create our stock. There was no money for advertising, branding, website design, photography etc, these were all done by ourselves....and unfortunately we had no experience at all in any of these fields! We stayed up late into the night (after our children had gone to bed) watching You Tube videos on coding and how to link our website and we used a free google font for our logo. Safe to say we took no risks and we were very make shift!

But what we did have was a passion for our jewellery, and a desire to spread the word of Soru. So, with me as the model and a light box in the kitchen for product images (!) we got the website up and running. 

Using Instagram and Facebook (totally new to me, before Soru I had no personal accounts on either and not a clue how to use them- another thing I had to learn!) as our only tools to reach our customer and working from our homes around the clock, this got us where we needed to be at each next level. And slowly over the years we have continued to grow.

2 years ago we moved into our first office, saying goodbye to packing up orders while watching evening TV. We now have 2 employees (our best friends) working with us, soon to become a team of 5 next month. Earlier this year we also said goodbye to waiting in que's at the post office everyday (trust us we were not liked on pension day) as we arranged for our parcels to be picked up and we finally changed our free font logo.

With HRH The Duchess of Cambridge choosing to wear our pearl earrings on a number of occasions, as well as being stocked in Harvey Nichols and Fenwick's combined with seeing our customers wearing Soru, the great feedback and the images they share with us, we are extremely proud of our journey so far.

And yet there is so much we still want to do, we haven't even started yet! 

Thank you for all of your support along the way and we look forward to sharing the rest of our journey with you.

Cesca & Mari X


Janet Theodoulou

Greetings and congratulations Cesca and Mari! And thank you for stepping out in faith to use your God given gift (we give God thanks) and passion for beautiful jewellery! And for sharing your inspirational journey with us! Anything is possible by God’s grace when you set your mind to it! And I never forget how you responded and replaced my broken earring and in super quick time!! Wishing you the best for the future and here’s to the next 5 years…..x 5 × 5 and so on! Love and blessings God bless Janet


So excited to have discovered your beautiful brand! I bought a pair of your pearl earrings whilst visiting London and they are literally lighting up Cape Town! Delighted for you and look forward to your next chapters. Exquisite creations and treasures x

Darlene Ciuffetelli Parker

Congratulations from Toronto, Canada! I love your jewellery creations and passion for what you do. I travel the world on business and am proud to wear especially Soru Jewellery. I receive many compliments on your pieces during my work/keynotes/speaking engagements, and in personal social settings. Complimenti :)

Gemma Sowerby

Congratulations! What a fabulous business you have nurtured and grown. Well done! I love your jewellery and your story is so inspiring, when you believe in yourself and your passion nothing is impossible. I have just set up and reading your post drives me to believe in myself. Here’s to your next 5 years! Gems xxx

Sharon Sample DeLong

Thank you SORU for bringing beautiful and amazing jewelry to the world. Since my first pair of pearl earrings worn by Duchess Catherine to my recent Pleiades stars, I’m always thrilled to wear your earrings. I get so many compliments on each pair! The turquoise, the large pearl circles….. And I love the new Fall offerings! Thank you and Happy 5th
Ps. Love your travel pics and the beautiful models!

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