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A Guide To Gemstones

I have always been fascinated with gemstones, each one being unique from the next. This gives them their appeal; knowing that you have a piece of natural, precious beauty that took years, sometimes thousands of, to form.

For centuries gemstones have been given as gifts, as well as used as healing/spiritual and magical aids. They are steeped in history, myth and legend.

Each stone has its own historical meaning and value, so when you purchase a piece of Soru Jewellery, either for yourself or as a gift, you are purchasing not only a piece of beautiful jewellery but also a personal message to be treasured forever.

All of our jewellery comes with a 'meanings card' inside the box.

Below is a brief guide to each of the carefully chosen natural gemstones we use:


AgateOne of natures most varied and vibrant designs, agates have been used in jewellery since biblical times when they were highly valued as an amulet to quench thirst and protect against illness. Still considered a protective stone today it is believed to offer strength, protect against bad dreams, stress and the draining of energy.

Amethyst: The birthstone for February, often given as a 6th wedding anniversary gift. Amethyst is considered to be a protective stone, said to provide patience and peace as well as offering protection against bad dreams, stress and the draining of energy. It is a semi-precious stone in today’s classifications, but to the ancients it was a “Gem of Fire,” a Precious Stone worth, at times in history, as much as a Diamond.

Aventurine: Known as the gambler's stone, it is said to bring the wearer inner equilibrium, stimulate dreaming, increased chance and good luck. Although usually green in colour rarer versions of brown, orange and grey can also be found.

Azurite: Helps to relieve stress and enhance creativity. This gemstone is said to have a strong effect on the intellectual functions of the brain, helping to open the mind to higher conscious exploration and the essence of spirit.

Calcite: Known as the stone of spirituality and wisdom, Calcite is a protecting, grounding and centering stone. Thought to bring inner peace as well as increase and amplify energy. Calcite can be formed in all colours, the most common being grey, pink, light blue and yellow.

Chalcedony: Said to bring calm and peace to the wearer as well as improving vitality, soothing mental and emotional stability. Typically ranging from blue, to white, to grey.

Citrine: November's birthstone, believed to be the gemstone of happiness, used to guard against evil thoughts and to promote creativity. Carrying the power of the sun it is warm, energising and life giving.

Coral: Associated with the protection of children, coral is thought to relieve tension and fear as well as promote positive social life, joy and happiness.

Druzy: Drusy, druse, druzy, drusies - different spellings, but they all mean tiny quartz crystals that form within or on the surface of other stones. Druzy is believed to calm and soothe a tensed mind. This gemstone has the ability to draw out negativity and fill you with positive energies.

Emerald: May's birthstone. The sacred stone of the goddess Venus, it is thought to preserve love. Said to promote domestic bliss, loyalty and sensitivity in couples.

Labradorite: Said to have a calming and harmonising effect, thought to bring out the best in the wearer. According to Eskimo lore, the Northern Lights used to be trapped along the rocks on the coast of Labrador. An Eskimo released most of them but the lights that remained trapped in the rocks were called labradorite.

Lapis: Known as the 'Stone of rulers', in ancient times this stone was forbidden to commoners, and worn only by royalty. Lapis Lazuli is thought to enhance awareness, insight and intellect; bringing peacefulness and self acceptance.

Mother of Pearl: Said to attract prosperity, it is used to heighten intuition and imagination as well as bring harmony to relationships.

Moonstone: With associations to the moon this highly valued gemstone is said to bring good fortune, promote inspiration and protect. Folk law claims if you give your lover a moonstone on the night of a full moon you will forever have passion between you.

Obsidian: A naturally occuring black glass formed from the the lava of volcanos. Known to be a protective stone. It is thought to form a shield against negativity and absorb negative energies from the environment.

Onyx: Known as a protecting and healing stone it is said to repel negativity and deflect the negativity of others. A gem thought to enhance determination, perseverance and help focus energy.

Opal: October's birthstone. The opal is said to be many things including the most powerful of healing stones, the stone of hope, the stone of great achievement and even the "stone of the Gods". Opal is believed to bring happy dreams and ease the process of change and can come in a range of colours.

Pyrite: Also know as 'fools gold' due to its colouring. Pyrite is believed to be the gemstone of intellect and protection. It is said to enhance the wearers memory as well as help you to tap into your own latent mental talents and abilities.

PearlJune's birthstone, said to symbolise a pure heart and mind, innocent and faith. With links to the moon and water they help to balance emotions.

Rose Quartz: Famous for attracting and keeping love, rose quartz is also used when it comes to healing one's heart from pain and disappointment. Thought to cleanse, detoxify, protect and energize as it channels clear vibrant light and energy.

Ruby: The birthstone for July, traditionally given to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary. A stone of nobility, considered the most magnificent of all gems, the queen of stones and the stone of kings. Thought to highten vitality, clear the mind and increase concentration and motivation.

Rutilated Quartz: The clear creamy quartz has strands of golden, red or silver rutile embedded within it, to give its truly unique look. Said to be a highly energizing stone, assisting with mental focus. It also believed to attract love and stabilize relationships.

Sapphire: September's birthstone, traditionally marking the 45th wedding anniversary. Worn by royalty, considered a symbol of good fortune, virtue, holiness and wisdom. The ancient Persians believed the Earth rested on an enormous Sapphire and it was the reflection that coloured the sky.

Turquoise: One of the oldest protection amulets, thought to provide strength, protection from harm and peace.

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