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Looking Back at 2023

What a year for Soru! 2023 marked our 10th anniversary which was a big milestone for our small business, looking back over this year and the last 10, I feel immense gratitude and pride that we have made it this far.
Thank you for coming on this journey with us, for your support, your follows, your sign ups, your feedback, your purchases and your interest. We are a business committed to following our hearts, designing from love, personally interacting with our customers and our manufacturers and treating everyone with respect and integrity. We are so pleased you found us and hope we continue to converse and create together.
I've just taken a flick through my camera roll to remind me of how much we have achieved this year... product launches, events and even dream travel too!
Looking back there were some key points i wanted to record....(for me more than anyone so i get to look back at this post in the future like i do with all my 'looking back at' journal entries :) the start of the year saw the launch of our newest micro mosaic - the most beautiful sunrise. This might not be for everyone's budget or taste but believe me when I tell you it is made from our pure love and joy for the design and craftsmanship, which is such a privilege and one of the highlights of the year for me as we can continue to do what we love.

micro mosaic sunrise diamond pendant

Micro Mosic Sunrise Diamond Pendant


We were also able to launch an entire solid gold and diamond collection we had been working on for so long, which included our genius connector to allow you to swap diamond charms from earrings to necklaces. We were so proud of this as we have not seen the idea anywhere else and to get the clip just right took a lot of back and forths! 


stack of diamond and sapphire rings on a ring standstack of diamond and sapphire bracelets on a wrist

Soru Fine Jewellery 


Capri is one if my most fave places on Earth so to be able to go there and shoot our summer campaign was a DREAM. I will forever remember 2023 for this special moment. 


sisters standing at the Faraglioni rocks in capri taking pictures

On location in Capri


We did our first ever pop up- in 10 years that is saying something! At the Love Shack Fancy store in Notting Hill, London. Such a beautiful space and was wonderful to be out on location and show our jewels in person for once.


soru jewellery designers at Love Shack Fancy Store in Notting Hill London with friends

soru jewellery display inside glass cabinet at the love shack fancy store

Soru Jewellery founder Marianna outside the love shack fancy store in Notting Hill

Soru Jewellery X Love Shack Fancy Pop Up  

One of the reasons we don't often do pop up's or in person events is because i tend to shy away from limelight and like to stay in my safe place. This year i did a lot of fear facing! We not only had the Love Shack Fancy pop up but we also ventured out to do our first ever event to mark our 10th year anniversary at The River Cafe (back in October) for lunch with some amazing people who have supported us over the years and seemingly straight from that event we held another pop up at Bicester Village where i took part in a pnel talk too. Both events went well and proved that facing your fears is a GOOD thing.


Francesca Kelly and Marianna Dpyle, Founders of Soru Jewellery standing in The River Cafe with friend Sally Morrell

At The River Cafe with friend Sally Morrell of @Morstyle


Founder of Soru Jewellery Francesca Kelly standing with maltipoo puppy dog in her office

Meet Bear

This may also be why i got a puppy - which may seem like a lovely exciting prospect for most however iv been scared of dogs my entore life and for me it was a massive challenge (my daughter was insistent). I introduced Bear to the Soru team and he is now a firm fave in the office.

Its hard to believe that after all of these years we have never had any photos taken of our amazing team, this ear we did! Another win for 2023 :-)
We were spotted on so many inspiring women this year; Amanda Holden, Daphne Oz, Samantha Barks, Katherine Jenkins to name a few but my fave has to be while watching The Great British Bake Off with my daughter as we did every week and seeing Alison Hammond in our Sicilian Heart Charm Necklace, that felt so good as my daughter was so excited (plus Alison is from Birmingham too).


Happy New Year to you all, thank you for joining us on our journey.

Reach out to us with any feedback or suggestions we love to hear and connect with you all. (We claimed our Trust Pilot page this year and as the founder i am personally reading and getting back to each and everyone of the reviews, so thank you for taking the time out to do that, it is much appreciated).

Francesca, Marianna and all the team at Soru Xx 



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