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Daphne Oz X Soru- The Siren Collection

We are so excited to introduce the Siren Collection from our collaboration with Daphne Oz, U.S Based TV Host and best selling Author. 
Daphne Oz has a special kind of magnetic energy. She's vivacious, kind, confident... the list goes on, so when we had the opportunity to create a collection with her we were thrilled. The pieces in her collection have a certain La Dolce Vita vibe that mirrors Daphnes essence.
image of daphne oz with salad bowl at the table wearing soru jewellery
Daphne wearing the Domenica Earrings- named after her daughter 
Aligning with her open love of good food (yes there is Italian heritage there and Turkish too- making it an even more perfect collaboration!) her joy for life spills out into everything she does and this collection is no exception. 
Super chic, organically finished golden coins, urns and good luck charms with a sultry vibe and a sprinkle of food influence all bought together in an 11 piece collection that has been expertly handmade in small batches Italy using 14kt gold plated silver.


inage of Daphne Oz wearin g Soru Jewellery collaboration while sprinklins salt on food

Daphne wearing the Divine Feminine Charm Necklace- inspired by an antique Byzantine necklace that Daphne was drawn to

A note from Daphne "From the moment we began conceiving The Siren Collection, I felt like an honorary member of the sisterhood at SORU. I’ve been a long time fan of Marianna and Francesca’s preference for creating distinct, quality pieces of eminently wearable jewelry, and was so excited to get to create something together that felt unique and filled with beauty and heritage. The Siren collection draws from the Divine Feminine and the abundance of that creative, beautiful spark. Inspired by everything from a 6th century Byzantine amphorae necklace, to a pair of spherical statement earrings from my grandmother, to the modern incarnation of a shimmering gold mesh cross my mother would have worn in the 90s, there is something for everyone. Each piece is named for three generations of women in my family — and a choice few favourite carbs! A dream combo. Every piece goes together, so feel free to mix and layer to bring an elevating bit of sparkle to sweatpants or black tie. For me, choosing my jewelry for the day is pure PLEASURE that makes me feel immediately transported, elegant and adorned, and I hope this curated 11-piece collaboration will bring you daily joy!"

daphne wearing  red glass charm with raised angle figure set in gold casing

Daphne wearing the Bomboloni Earrings and the Emily Jane Intaglio Charm

image of a table layout with coffee cup, plate and some gold jewellery

The Baguette Bracelet- named after one of Daphne's favourite carbs!

We loved working with Daphne on this collection, she knew what she wanted to offer and each piece was well thought through and worked on until it was just right. We hope you can feel the love and thought poured into each piece and cherish them as much we do.

image of Francesca Kelly, Daphne Oz and Marianna Doyle form Soru Jewellery

Francesca, Daphne Oz and Marianna

Shop the Daphne Oz X Soru Siren Collection Here

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