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Kinship Press x Soru

In the background of creating new beautiful jewellery styles, we've also been working on some top secret and very exciting ventures that we cannot wait to share with you all. One of these is our recent collaboration with the incredible Kinship Press.
For a long time now, we have been on the lookout for a talented illustrator who could bring our inspirations and philosophies to life through gorgeous imagery. We finally found our perfect match when we discovered Naomi and Alice Howarth of Kinship Press, not only because of the beauty of their illustrations, but because just like us, they are a sister duo!
We had an immediate synergy with one another and they understood what we were hoping to get across exactly. We requested 3 motifs to be designed for us, and the results are beyond stunning.
Celestial by Kinship Press for Soru
The first of our illustrations is for our celestial collection. We have always been inspired by the sky, particularly depictions of it throughout history in artworks and mosaics, as well as the mythology behind constellations and astrology. This has reflected in a number of our pieces, and especially in our Soru Fine collection. Naomi and Alice designed this beautiful watercolour sun and moon, surrounded by stars and beams in pastel shades of warm and cool tones.
Treasures by Kinship Press for Soru
The second illustration is for our Treasures collection. A lot of our inspiration comes from ancient Etruscan treasures, influenced by folklore and iconography of the sea. Not only were we keen on having mermaids for this one, but it was also the first mermaid drawing that Naomi and Alice had been asked to do, so we were all very excited! The mermaids represent sisterhood and their pose is also reminiscent of tons of depictions of mermaids throughout history. Surrounded by corals, pearls, seaweed and seashells, this illustration encapsulates the nautical style of our Treasures collection.
Heart by Kinship Press for Soru
Finally, our third illustration is for our Siciliana collection. The sacred heart is an icon depicted time and time again throughout all Italian culture, including Sicily, so we felt it were the most appropriate for our Siciliana collection (as well as our passion for love hearts!). However, we also didn't want to fall into clichés of the flames, crowns and thorns. We wanted something totally unique to Soru. Thankfully, Naomi and Alice understood what we were after completely, with beaming rays and ornate borders surrounding the heart and a gold star at its centre.
We are absolutely obsessed with our illustrations and can't wait for you to start seeing them appearing throughout Soru now, whether that be in packaging, on web, or even in products! But that's all we can share for now, so stay tuned to find out what's in store for the future of Soru.
See more of Kinship Press' work and learn more about the duo here.
Let us know what you think of the images down below! We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Rosemary Collins

Please please make cards of these. The celestial illustration is magical. So are the mermaids. Absolutely stunning

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