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The Art Of Giving Jewellery

Jewellery makes me happy. There is something about receiving a piece of jewellery that fills me with joy (whether it be a gift or a present to myself!). My passion for jewellery developed in my teens when I purchased a simple silver and black beaded necklace while in palermo, I loved it and wore it the whole summer. I still have it, I will never part with it, and one day my daughter will own it. 

I could spend hours sorting through my jewellery box, my treasures that have been collected throughout my life, certain pieces hold certain memories. I always like to buy a piece of jewellery when traveling to remind me of a particular place and wonderful times that I have spent there.

 The beauty of jewellery is that it doesn't loose it beauty. It doesn't age or decay, it doesn't loose its shape or form, and it usually keeps its value. Jewellery often stays in families for generations. What could be more beautiful than wearing your grandmothers necklace on your wedding day? Jewellery can allow us to feel close to loved ones who are no longer with us, and conjure up special memories of times spent with them. 



           The Duchess of Cambridge has Princess Diana's Sapphire engagement ring, and often wears other pieces from her late mother-in-laws jewellery       collection. Even though she never met her mother-in-law, to wear something so personal that once belonged to her must be very special  and perhaps make her feel connected in some way.

 People have been giving jewellery for thousands of years, from early jewellery made from leather, shells and feathers, to the wonderful array of jewellery we can choose from today. It makes the perfect gift because it can be worn all the time and kept forever- throughout your life and all of the ever-changing fashions. Jewellery has always been traditionally exchanged between loved ones .



Elizabeth Taylor was, and still is, famous for her jewellery collection. Collected throughout her life form her numerous husbands and admirers, she owned some spectacular pieces. A particular fan of Bvlgari, here are two pieces from her collection worn by Hollywood actresses Jessica Chastain and Julianne Moore. These pieces were sold at auction in 2011, the historic sale set a world record for the most valuable sale of jewellery in auction history. The bidders for these pieces were not only bidding for a beautiful pieces of jewellery, but also for the rare chance to own a piece of Hollywood history, a piece of the fabulous Elizabeth Taylor. 

 What better time to give than on Valentines Day? A thoughtful piece of jewellery really is the perfect gift, and with our guide to gemstones you can make it even more special with that personal touch.